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Antihormigas Antstop 120... Antihormigas Antstop 120... 2
Aparato repelente antihormigas para uso interior. Eléctrico. Ofrece una solución eficaz, discreta e higiénica contra las hormigas.
Gel Citronela Mosquitos... Gel Citronela Mosquitos... 2
Gel que actúa ahuyentando a los mosquitos y perfumando el ambiente. Para interior y exterior. Caja expositora de 40 unidades.
Gel Repelente Moscas... Gel Repelente Moscas... 2
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Gel que actúa ahuyentando a las moscas y perfumando el ambiente. Para interior y exterior. Caja expositora de 40 unidades.
Insecticida Antihormigas... Insecticida Antihormigas... 2
Insecticida con gran efecto choque que actúa por contacto y con acción repelente. Para el control de insectos rastreros en el hogar y en el jardín.
Insecticida Fin Avispas 5Mt... Insecticida Fin Avispas 5Mt... 2
Insecticida en aerosol de alta concentración con ingredientes activos de alta eficacia para el control inmediato de las avispas y su nidos. Su formulación reforzada ha sido desarrollada para actuar en nidos de avispas y avispones.
Preben Wasps 231206 750Ml Preben Wasps 231206 750Ml 2

Preben Wasps 231206 750Ml

Excellent immediate action and elimination of the nest. Designed to spray up to 4 meters away, thus reaching hard-to-reach spaces.
Preben Insecticide Lacquer... Preben Insecticide Lacquer... 2
Insecticidal lacquer packed in aerosol specially indicated for the control of cockroaches, ants, spiders and other crawling insects. It has an immediate effect and a long duration thanks to its resins, which protect the active material.
Preben Kills Electric... Preben Kills Electric... 2
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Economical, fast and effective method of automatically eliminating a wide variety of flying insects. It uses ultraviolet light to attract flies, moths, mosquitoes, wasps, etc., which are electrocuted by the internal network.
Preben Wasp Trap Diy 231400 Preben Wasp Trap Diy 231400 2
For the control of wasps in the pool, terrace, garden, orchard, etc. It works as a funnel allowing wasps to enter the trap and not be able to leave. It can be placed on a flat surface or it can be hung.
Roe-Block rat poison 231535... Roe-Block rat poison 231535... 2
Highly effective block rat poison. Eliminate rats, mice and voles and all kinds of rodents. Highly appetizing. Authorized for domestic use. Multiarist design. Its multiple edges and edges offer easier gnawing.
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