Manual tools


1209 Triple 10A-250V adapter

Triple 10A / 250V adapter ~ Ivory color UNE 20315-2-5
Nuevos Unifersa

168 Chainsaw File 5/32 Round

Round file for sharpening the teeth of chainsaw chains. Each file comes in special packaging that can be used as a protective sleeve.
Light and versatile manual nailer. Designed for use in the home, office, commercial window display, crafts, etc. Universal Staples 530 4-6-8mm.
Pruning and harvesting

3628Inox-Ce Professional Vintage Scissors

Fiberglass reinforced polyamide handles, better resistant to bad weather and temperature changes. Highest quality stainless steel blade to minimize wear and keep edge sharp. Greater durability over time. It avoids the contagion of the plants among themselves and facilitates the maintenance of the tool. Especially cutting and pruning of small stems. The...
4 in 1 Multifunction Manual Stapler Consumable: 53 / 8-16mm; BN 8/16 mm; Pin 9/16 mm; 36 / 12-14 mm Housing: ABS Weight: 0.53 kg Magazine capacity: 148 staples; 85 nails: 88 wire staples