Riveting machines

Battery Riveter Bet-1 1,4Ah... Battery Riveter Bet-1 1,4Ah... 2
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Riveting machines

Battery Riveter Bet-1 1,4Ah 1Bat + Mal

Application stroke: 20 mm Riveting capacity: from 2.4 mm to 5.0 mm in all materials. Traction force: 10000 N Balanced design that allows support when not in use, high sensitivity on the actuation trigger, quick emptying nail collector, battery indicator, hanging ring and warning light. Weight: 1690 g Includes: 1.4 Ah Li-ion battery and briefcase.
Accubird A Battery Riveter... Accubird A Battery Riveter... 2
Riveting machines

Accubird A Battery Riveter C / Maletin

Drive: 14.4 V DC motor Traction force: 8,500 N Tool stroke: 20 mm Weight with battery: 2 kg Ergonomic handle, safety led (low load and jam), stem collection container, key and compartment for nozzles.
Remachadora 6-Mr77 Remachadora 6-Mr77 2
Riveting machines

Remachadora 6-Mr77

Remachadora con cabeza de rotación. Aplicación de remaches rectos o en ángulo de 90º, con una simple rotación de la cabeza. Cuerpo de inyección de metal fundido para una mayor durabilidad. Utiliza remaches de acero y aluminio de 2, 3, 4 y 5mm de diámetro. Aplicación de remaches incluso en lugares de difícil acceso.
Riveter Bm-160 Two Hands Riveter Bm-160 Two Hands 2
Riveting machines

Riveter Bm-160 Two Hands

Weight: 1360 g Length: 390 mm Stroke: 10 mm Field of application: up to 6.0 mm and with special 4.8 structural nozzle and 6.4 S-Clover
Manual Flipper Riveter Manual Flipper Riveter 2
Riveting machines

Manual Flipper Riveter

The manual effort required for riveting is reduced - by actuating a few times - approx. 40%. Nozzles: 10/24, 10/18, 10/29. Weight: 750 g. Total length: 212 mm. Total traction: 16.2 mm. Partial traction: 1.8 mm. Up to ø 5 mm aluminum and ø 4 mm stainless steel.
Hn-2 Manual Riveter Hn-2 Manual Riveter 2
Riveting machines

Hn-2 Manual Riveter

Articulated stem with anti-rotation housing and internal axial clamp. Scissor system: highly resistant and galvanized steel. Nozzles: 16/32 (in working position). Nozzles: 16/29, 16/36, 16/40, 16/45 (on the handle) stem collecting container. Weight: 1.85 kg. Total length: 570 mm. Tool stroke: 10 mm. Any kind of material up to 6.4 mm ø
Ntx Manual Riveter Ntx Manual Riveter 2
Riveting machines

Ntx Manual Riveter

Pliers body: high quality die-cast aluminum. Pincers arms: forged steel. Slim pliers head for hard-to-reach riveting points. Weight: 575 g. Total length: 260 mm. Tool stroke: 8 mm. Up to ø 5 mm aluminum and ø 4mm stainless steel.
Taurus-2 Pneumatic Riveter Taurus-2 Pneumatic Riveter 2
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Riveting machines

Taurus-2 Pneumatic Riveter

Ergonomic handle, with rubber coating. -Well balanced. - Low vibrations and sound level. - Low recoil. - Stem container.- Safety valve to avoid overpressures. Weight: 1.6 kg. Traction force (at 5 bar): 9,000 N. Traction / weight ratio: 5,625 N / kg. Working pressure: 5 to 7 bar. Actual stroke: 18mm. Noise level: 78 db. Vibrations: <2.5 m / s2. Nozzle...
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