Mini 8306827 / P12V Compac... Mini 8306827 / P12V Compac... 2
Practical 12 V mini compressor. In suitcase format with integrated nozzle compartment. Impact protected pressure gauge and on / off switch. Maximum pressure: 300 PSI Air flow:> 10 l / min Power: 144 W Decibel sound: 95 dB Hose length: 60 cm Power cable: 300 cm Dimensions: 245x155x105 mm Includes gift balloon.
Ca-Pro6 6Lt Compressor. 750W. Ca-Pro6 6Lt Compressor. 750W. 2

Ca-Pro6 6Lt Compressor. 750W.

Ideal for mobility work: carpenters, cabinetmakers, assemblers ... Single phase. 750 W Boiler: 6 l Pressure: 8 bar Expired air: 126 l / min 2850 rpm Weight: 10 kg
Cevik Pro 51Ng 2.5Hp 50L... Cevik Pro 51Ng 2.5Hp 50L... 2
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Cevik Pro 51Ng 2.5Hp 50L Compressor

8 bar. 50 liters. 2.5 Hp. 2500 rpm. 33 kg. Oil-free compressor with motor with thermal protection. Cast iron cylinder. Self-ventilated. Equipped with pressure regulator and integrated air filter. Wheels and ergonomic handle. Double regulated and direct air outlet. For indoor and outdoor work.
Fiac F6000 / U 50L 3Hp... Fiac F6000 / U 50L 3Hp... 2

Fiac F6000 / U 50L 3Hp Compressor

8 bar. 50 liters. 3 Hp. 2450 rpm. 320 l / min. 25 kg. Direct compressor without oil. F6000 head. Motor with wraparound casing in anti-shock material to protect rotating internal elements and hot parts. Two manometers and output regulation.
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