Cocina Clasica-8 T Cro."E3"... Cocina Clasica-8 T Cro."E3"... 2
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Cast iron wood stove with refractory and cast iron interior. High vision of the fire. High quality enamel treatment for easy cleaning. It is a special heat, you know it. Cooking on a traditional wood fire while incorporating the most advanced technological features is not too much to ask. That's what the CLASICA offers, a high-end all-rounder. CLASICA-8 T...
Cocina Clasica-8 T Cro.Phc... Cocina Clasica-8 T Cro.Phc... 2
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Standard configuration: Glass oven door. Stainless steel oven Raisable glass-ceramic worktop. Cast iron worktop. Chromed fittings Smoke outlet: diameter 150mm Logs : 40cm Transport to the peninsula for only 49,99 € VAT included
Cocina Lis-8 "E" P/C H/I... Cocina Lis-8 "E" P/C H/I... 2
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LIS-8 E stove. Relive the dishes of your childhood with the LIS series. Tradition and memories in a wood stove. The LIS stove is made of cast iron exterior material. The hearth is made of: Cast Iron/Refractory Cast iron worktop Stainless steel stove with hatch and chrome hardware Ashtray Wood grate Optimum combustion Easy chimney sweeping Anti-stain...
Cocina Lis-8 T Cro."E3" P/C... Cocina Lis-8 T Cro."E3" P/C... 2
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Features: Closed wood stove Stainless steel oven Glass cooktop Chrome fittings decorating the wood stove Power: 10.2 kw Efficiency: 77.1% Available in 3 sizes: Num 5 (75 cm wide) Num 7 (90 cm wide) Num 8 (100 cm wide) Shipping to the peninsula for only 49,99 € VAT included
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