Alpha 25 Overlap Safe Alpha 25 Overlap Safe 2

Alpha 25 Overlap Safe

Safe to superimpose for home. To manage valuable possessions. 4 mm thick door. 1.5mm thick body. Black color. Two 20 mm diameter bolts on one side. Knob lock + keyboard. It has an emergency lock.
Embed Decora Safe We-3618 Embed Decora Safe We-3618 2

Embed Decora Safe We-3618

To embed. Gorjas lock with emergency key and mechanical secret combination of 3 discs.
Vintage White-Az Overlap Safe Vintage White-Az Overlap Safe 2
Overlap safe for home and office. It stands out for its careful design and versatility inspired by the aesthetics of the 50s. Simple handling. Very practical for home use. White color with turquoise door. Very robust: 6 mm thick door. 3 mm thick body. It has two 20 mm diameter bolts. Locking system with electronic lock. 3 to 8 digit opening code. It has...
Decora E-4100 Overlap Safe Decora E-4100 Overlap Safe 2
To overlap. Standard overlay safe, current design, interior lighting. Door thickness 6 mm. Graphite color. Anchor holes. 2 low consumption LEDs. Gorjas lock with emergency key. Electronic lock. Power supply with batteries, included.
Overlap Pixel 17 Black Safe Overlap Pixel 17 Black Safe 2
To overlap. Overlap safe, modern design, simple handling, ideal for gifts. Door thickness 4 mm. It has 2 bolts with a knob lock system + digital keyboard, emergency lock. Holes for wall anchors (2).
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Para sobreponer. Dos bulones, cerradura electrónica, pomo y llave de emergencia. Cuerpo de 1,5 mm y frente de 3 mm.
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