Estufas Leña

Estufas Leña

Estufa Leña Vosges Salgueda

Cast iron stove Vosges The retro style of this stove adapts to any environment, whether classic, rustic or modern. Fuel: Logs 25, Logs 33, Logs 50 cm. Smoke outlet: top or back Tube diameter: 150mm Height of tube/floor: 516 mm Dimensions: Height 690 x length 620 x width 403 Transport to the peninsula for only 49,99 € VAT included
Wood stove Madrid 706 18Kw... Wood stove Madrid 706 18Kw... 2
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Estufas Leña

Wood stove Madrid 706 18Kw 70X60,8X43,5

Measurements: 700x608x435 mm Max power: 18 Kw Efficiency: 69% Load: 5 kg Smoke outlet: Ø150 mm Weight: 66 kg Fuel: wood. Glass cleaning system. Certifications: UNE-EN 13240 and modifications. CE marked.
Estufas Leña

Wood Stove Tarbes 9Kw Lacunza

TARBES is an innovative wood stove with a unique design that brings style to your home and makes it the center of attention. Its curved shape modernizes any room and allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the fire from any angle. Easy to use, it has an optimal combustion and easy chimney sweeping, in addition to an anti-stain glass. Very high view of the...