Estufa Leña Vosges Salgueda
Estufa Leña Vosges Salgueda
Estufa Leña Vosges Salgueda
Estufa Leña Vosges Salgueda

Estufa Leña Vosges Salgueda

VAT included

Cast iron stove Vosges

The retro style of this stove adapts to any environment, whether classic, rustic or modern.

  • Fuel: Logs 25, Logs 33, Logs 50 cm.
  • Smoke outlet: top or back
  • Tube diameter: 150mm
  • Height of tube/floor: 516 mm
  • Dimensions: Height 690 x length 620 x width 403

Transport to the peninsula for only 49,99 € VAT included


Cast iron and steel wood burning stoves

why this product?

Adjustable secondary air The secondary air protects the glass from smoke and soot deposits. It ensures the combustion of volatile materials. The adjustable secondary air flow allows to adapt the operation of the appliance to too high draft conditions.

Prolonged combustion

Capacity of the appliance to operate in slow combustion for 8 hours without refueling and without external intervention. This period of time originates from a reserve of embers. It is only necessary to refuel the appliance to restart it.

Clean glass

The clean glass system slows down the rate at which the glass becomes dirty. An air inlet at the top of the glass creates a protective stream. The preheated air is propelled over the surface of the glass. It initiates the combustion of gases and volatile materials, thus protecting the glass from smoke and soot deposits.

Post-combustion system

Injection of preheated air into the combustion chamber. The additional air intake at the rear allows the destruction of high-temperature hydrocarbons. Combustion is complete and pollution is reduced.

Modulación de potencia
5 a 12 Kw
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